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Welcome to Dustin's Bedroom!
(Excuse the mess)

Grab a torch and come on in!
This is my brother's room. This is where you can look into his life and learn what you will about him. He has another page at my dad's page just click here The Rudat Homepage and then click on his name.

You should be cautious while in this room. Aside from tripping over clothes on the floor, he may just be watching you right now...

One thing about Dustin's room is that the mess and the dark provide many hiding places for the watch dragon Spike. Of all the Castle on a Cloud, this has always been his favorite place to lurk in. So don't wake him up or you may not see the light of another day.

One more strange thing you may see while in this realm of confusion is a cat here or there. Although Dustin keeps his door closed, absent-minded people have a tendency to leave the door open. Thus a cat or two gets in and may not find it's way out for days. They seem to be too quick for even Spike to handle, but do get out when they need to. If you spy a fuzzy blur or a napping lump, just let it be.

Click on the skull to return to the main hall.