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Peirs Anthony

Another thing I like is reading. My favorite author is Peirs Anthony, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer. His best books, by my opinion, are "The Magic of Xanth" books. The land of Xanth is a most amazing place. Everyone born in Xanth has a magic talent, they have only to figure out how to use it. An individual can learn his or her talent as early as shortly after birth, but sometime it takes them until they are in their teens. No two talents are alike and only some have talents of a Magician Caliber, those people have a chance of becoming King. When reading the series you really come to know people and their family. You remember things from the last book that tie into the one you are reading now. Xanth is a land where the reader can escape into thought and believe in things otherwise impossible. Creatures you've only seen in you dreams exist. From Fairies to Dragons, Xanth is full of suppress.

I've Just finished the book Harpy Thyme. Considering the time I supposedly started the book this may seem weird to those who know me. The thing is, I lost the book in Germany and was only half way through it. I put off buying it in case I found it in the packed boxes at out house. I never found the book and keep putting off buying it. I finally gave in and bought the book and finished it in 4 days. Good Book! Anyway, I’ll post the book report and then let you know what grade I get on it in the Library.

If you like the Xanth books then another set of stories that should please you is the Adept Series. Excellent tales about a planet that shares two worlds. There is the scientific realm of Proton, where science is a way of life. In fact some residents of Proton are robots and androids. There are two classes of people in Proton, Citizens who have vast amounts of money, and there are Surfs, who work for the Citizens. Then, the magical realm of Phaze where everyone speaks Old English. Here, magic is the life of people. The land has amazing plants and animals that are only heard of in folk-lore. The people of Phaze are ruled by Adepts who are the most powerful people in Phaze. (They are the equal to Citizens in Proton.) One of the best creatures to befriend in Phaze are unicorns. Anyway, I could go on about Peirs Anthony books but you may just want to find one and read it yourself.

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